Beginner Quilting Class

Beginner Quilting Class   $50.00 per five week session ($10 a class)

  Saturday’s from 9:30 to 11:30 Beginning Oct. 21st. 

Machines and some supplies provided. Bring your machine if you like.

Week one: What is quilting? 

Learn a little about what it is, how it is made up, and the kinds of stitches and techniques needed to make a quilt.  Choose a simple block pattern to start a table runner. Start cutting out your block pieces using the rotary cutting technique.

Week two: The Top

Learn how to put the blocks together. Start to put the runner together.

Week three: The Sandwich

It’s all about the layers, put the quilt together.

Week fourThe Quilting

In this class we will learn about different kinds of quilting. Choose how you want to quilt your runner. Machine, hand, or tie it.

Week five: The Binding

In this last class you will learn how to make a binding and sew it onto your runner/quilt. This is the finishing touch of a quilt. 


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