Beginner for Adult/Teen

Beginner Sewing Class  Adult/Teen $40.00 per four week session

January 22 – February 12 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Supplies and Machines Provided. I have fabric but if you want something special feel free to bring it along. 

Week one: Get to Know the Sewing Machine 

Learn the parts and how to thread a machine. Learn some basic stitches. We will make a simple quilt block.

Week two: Make a Bunting (a festive decoration, kind of like a flag)

Learn basic cutting, pinning, shaping, and sewing.

Week three: Make a drawstring bag.

Work on basic sewing skills while making a pretty functional bag.

Week four: Finish up Projects/Questions Answered

In this last class of the session we will finish up the projects and answer any questions you may have.